An Ode to the most Dangerous City

Author Miss Parisia B.

You weren’t always this way, my forgotten lover.

You weren’t always so vacant and lacking in people to discover your towering buildings and soaring dreams.

So many people warned me against you

Said you had nothing to offer me.

Claimed that surely I would find fear in your streets and terror by the meeting of the people who walked them.

“Nothing is there,” they mocked.

“Nothing is left,” they ridiculed.

And when I showed an ounce of excitement to meet you finally, they demolished and jeered at the little hope I had for you.

I won’t listen to what they say, my wounded soldier,

I won’t let their fear stand in my way.

What do they know?

Their widen eyes seek only the bad, and their shut eyes miss all the good.

They saturate themselves in workloads and greed wrapped in betrayal.

They claim to know that you’re no good,

Yet ignorance is spewing from the flanks of their hood.

A hood once created by you,

A vision that you produced.

But people forget my love.

You have fallen out of the social trend and no longer serve them.

Keep your head up my legendary orbit

You were once the bounce to this kingdom.

You housed men and women who weren’t the same but of culture and assortment.

People flooded your streets with grease on their faces, exertion on their hands, and transformation in their minds.

Buildings erected, and its people remained in such a state.

The best of Europe could be found in the aroma of the city,

Yet the innovation and blend of true America stood at every foundation.

Keeping us hungry, you fed our minds and told us stories of visionaries, educators, and art reformers.

They chose you to tell their stories to unfold a history that would never be forgotten.

I’m sorry that they disregard you now my florescent steel,

That they spit and spew things that aren’t true.

That they add you to lists entitled dangerous and forget you created the list of determination.

Numbers prove that hate lives within your city

People flee, curse you, and add to your descending name.

They do their absolute best to attract all the negative attention towards you

But we all have hate swimming through our blood.

You see it lives inside me too distant lover

Distinct hate that I reprimand upon myself, and that is why I love you.

Allowing the hate because you think it’s what you deserve, just like me.

But we don’t, and oh how you’re still worth discovering my love.

I am here my towering burden, I see you.

I know you are coward by the emptiness of your streets

I see your shame in the hidden neighborhoods that house regret and shadows of what was once there.

I hear the bitterness in the voices of your people who haven’t got a clue

I happen upon the effects of your rise and fall

You have flooded the city with your impact and residuum

Your stories of evil take precedence and inspire disquietude

You penetrate me with your silence and leave me to rivet with no way to comfort you

But you forget I’m not like all the rest who do their very best to evade you

I am here to invade your body for the beauty I know survives.

Your wild wind blew in my face

Your art drove me wild.

The Museum of African American Art was breathtaking

The taking of my breath left me rising with soul.

I ate your Coney dogs left and right

I ate up the conversation during the long drive.

I stayed where culture woke me up and kept me warm in the night

I stayed searching through the list of where to go next, the parts of the city still in the fight.

Viewing of the 2016 International Film Festival kept my eyes widen

Viewing of people in your city despite the rainy discharge got me amplifyin.

And the Eastern market, oh the food, oh the culture, oh the company

And the Heidelberg Project, oh the strength, oh the beauty, oh the influence.

This is an ode to you, my most dangerous city.

I see the way you encourage your youth despite the discouragement they feel

I see the way you decorate your streets with renovations, and upcoming change reveals

You still got it in you, the determination still shines

Though they have taken away jobs, your city still grinds

I know it won’t be long before you take everyone by surprise

Because even though you are a forgotten city, together you still rise

This is an ode to you my dangerous city

I’m so glad I didn’t believe their exploit

I’m glad I challenged a common belief

Because the only experiences worth taking in life are the ones, you deem worth having.

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