Millennial Black Woman

Cue the bath and the bubbles, mix in a mindset of relaxation, and a redundant decision to take time. Now violently reject what you know best and catapult in the opposite direction. I no longer want what I used to. However much that scares me; some part of it was always impending. Moments of stillness expire. Like a child forcefully trained by their parent for moments of submission, I won’t sit still. I will shut the mouths of fake leaders and the unsettled lies they have spewed as truth. I am unstoppable—a woman with a voice. No one likes a woman with a voice. No one likes a Black woman with a voice. Leading generations can’t stand to listen to a “child’s” voice. But please, stop calling me a child. I am powerfully aware of my open heart, and following it will never make me weak. I will forever yield a constant change of direction, always advancing. I’ve walked a path of freedom to enjoy myself. I still walk the path of enlightenment, excelling every step of the way. I am a woman, and I am rightfully scared, particularly impaired, and fearfully ready. Please, move out of my way.

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