Life is good, pleasant. You are entering into a new beginning. One where you are unsure of how long you can hold on away from your element, before letting go, reverting, and re-adapting to the lessening of life within yourself. It’s entirely unclear which elements are most conducive for growth right now. It seems much more comfortable being in and out, balancing commitment to travailing while simultaneously dedicating oneself to mediocrity. Here you are, standing in the middle of a road, soul set on journeying, yet your heart hovers over your knees, and your head remains harvested. Will this lead me to my greatest desire? You continue to shove half baked promises down your throat and impose unrealistic expectations on your becoming. But what we choose to obey will always weed out our amble attempts. It leaves you with a premature end to an opportunity for rejuvenation. And what a terrible defeat, to have lived half erected. Are you satisfied with only having the capacity for a fulfilled life? “Here lies a wanderer, rich in imagination, suffocated by apprehension.” From where you stand, is fear still your comfort? Is it not far less terrifying to face the consequences of an oversaturated ego than to brave the commitment to prosperity?

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