Burnt eyes and restored vision

Bereft of all your comforts
You’ve caviled every last ember
Ardent enough to survive.

Every burden bound to your bosom
Diffuses throughout the sky
Muddled with ash and mist.
You aren’t who you thought you would be.

Your knees
This alter
Convoluted with the other.

It’s lonely here, only
Cracks and their companions.
I’m exposed out here, exposing the
Crumbled path crusted to my bare feet.
There are no answers here,
Just ghosts of lost love.

Touched by sickness, swaddled in despair
Kissed by broken covenants, wrapped in bondage
Stained by magnetism, veiled in deleterious desire
Punctured by kin, seeping in darkness
Lifted by scarcity, dragged by deceit
Punished by my boon, tied to immunity
Perceived as perfection, sheathed in avenge.

You’ve planted seeds
Not designed for your soil.
Walked among trees
Not meant for your forest.

May the clarity of these burnt offerings
Resurrect truth.
May the fragility of timber
(Once erect and unfruitful,
Budding and immovable)
Restore you.
May it coat your skin (these ashes) with
An analgesic stain.

Reminding you that you’ve never been
The sum total of pain
imposed on you.

This alter belongs to you,
that story doesn’t.

Gather your chalked past
Black and eager to scatter.
Breathe in the smoke,
Suffocate the traces of pain you’re tempted to rekindle.

Ask forgiveness
Receive benediction
Dip your pin
End the cycle.

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