A Psalm of Undying Love

I urge myself to give the victory of my soul over to you,
To acknowledge you as the defender of my heart,
The champion of all my affections.
For though life slips through my fingers
You’re what I’m able to hold onto,
The only power that belongs to me.
Oh, how I belong to you.
In the deep meadow of my spirit lies an expanse,
There I will unfurl with you.
Let the relic of my form welcome divine healing.
Shine your light upon me,
Kiss me whole again,
Restore what’s always belonged to me.
You belong to me –
You’re the only thing I belong to.
You’ve carried my aching bones
As the architect of my design,
The exuberance of my soul.
Anywhere I search, I can find you.
Your abiding presence echos through and through creation,
I am your creation
And you are my God.
Lord, I worship you.
I use my body as a vessel for you,
I’m giving everything back to you
(All I thought I could control).
I am not God, nor do I deserve to be.
But I deserve you –
your grace, your expectance,
Call me –
I want to hear you say my name,
I want to remember heaven with you
(To recall my divinity).
So when the water is still,
When I’ve attached myself to no one but you,
When my heart is burdened with traces of fear
Yet my ears opened
And my hands raised,
When my gaze is fixed solely on the reflection of the forest,
There I sit on holy ground
Because you crave me
And I have saved my deepest love for you.

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