A Most Familiar Day

Something has changed today.
The cars are hushed
The breeze is bold
The sun is diluted for my eyes to hold.
And I can smell the chlorine, the sap, and the fertilizer.
I can hear the fountain, the conversation, the bees.
It tastes like a childhood morning, full of nothing to do and going outside with a handful of sunblock.
Something has changed.
I recognize the tune to which these branches sway, it’s a day I’ve lived before, with you.
It feels like today you love me, like today, you’re sure.
The sun is kissing me violently in place of you.
The polish on my toes is crimson and chipped kinda like the love we hold
But today something has changed.
Maybe it’s in your heart, or our color, in the air, but I’m confident I can feel a change.
The good kind!
The kind where my heart is dancing and singing and fluttering and skipping,
Where I feel gentler to people, and they are kinder right back.
A change that makes everything come alive.
I can hear the fork being put down after a big bite of salad in the apartment across the courtyard.
And my neighbor has opened his door to let the new puppy out before she makes a mistake.
The squirrel who just stole my sourdough loaf now braves through the loose palm trees.
And a tall woman walks two black labs pissing and yapping to the jingle of the beat tied to their collars.
Everything is a little freer today.
I can hear a tow truck hustle a broke down chevy across the back bay next to a turtle who’s looking to have lost his way.
Someone’s teacher is taking off on a flight to San Fransisco for the weekend
While a couple bikes across the cobblestones as they’ve come to do every Saturday since they lost their home
because today is the most familiar day.
A day where if everything hasn’t changed, I know something is.
Something has.
Something has really changed
And I wonder, can you feel it?
Have you enjoyed the sound of this morning, or is it still reluctantly calling you?
Won’t you listen?
Won’t you carry on back to me through the energy and conversation surging through the streets?
I know you can hear the footsteps and the dishwashing happening right outside your door
You hear the horns and sirens, baby’s crying and TV’s laughing.
Now look outside, watch the stray cats gleam in the sun as the nearby children disturb them
Roll down your window, smell the city’s stench as you drive, and let it remind you of when you were passing through to me.
Of touching this day with me,
Because today is the perfect day to forgive all you have yet to forgive.
To remember all you have tried to forget.
I can almost hear the forming of your voice come through every cadence of this afternoon
Not one sound too loud, all remain at a whisper, waiting for you to finally shout,
Will you do it?
Will, you finally take the stage and profess your love as you did today,
on a day like this,
but before.
I’m waiting and listening
I’m watching and praying
That your voice seeps through before this day comes to an end,
Yet again,
Like before.

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