Repurposed Love

I was intertwined in the campfire of your anointing
with candescent ash flickering in the melted streams of sun,
I was taken by the shadowed blessing looming over this alter.
Bushels prime for roasting,
Sky wet with the dew of morning
and you were nowhere to be found.
Silent wind passing through,
Crows falling from the sky
and I was still filled with doubt.
But nature knows the truth:
Deep in the woods of another,
there’s no turning back.
Forever lost but willingly never found.
You’ve held me in your wildwood,
barefoot and delicate,
still miles away from you…
Am I to die here without?
Just when freedom glistens, when branches belch their opened wide truth, you disappear.
What good is the truth with no soul to stand on, no lips to push through,
it can’t be birthed with no ears to conceive of it.
And so I’m rooted in your silence, immovable.
I should have leaped through my escape instead of offering to burn for you, but I’ve just grown.
Naivety is my bloodline,
Love my mother;
Your forest a chance for my rebirth.
May your neglect suffocate the source of me that remains in you.
Reclaiming and revitalizing my body to be rescued by another.
Here I will leave my value burrowed deep where you left it.
As you tend to your weald, it is me you will trample over,
For it is I who remained, who withered,
Who nourishes the bloom of your wilderness.

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