Carrying the cost

For me to go back the way I came,

For me to stop in the middle of this journey and turn away,

It would cost me too much.

So please be waiting with fighting arms and love grounding you.

Please don’t ask for anything more

Because I’m scared by my devotion to you.

My will to burn all that I am and journey back for you.

But those things can’t be hidden from heaven.

So I carried on,

with guilt and shame of the person I used to be,

the girl you remember,

and now she’s gone.

Bid me release my love.

For all this worry is far from the feeling of being free.

It cost me so much to find this love.

I Bade the curse of you

my plans to leave

And any belief of an end –

I’ve fought for this love,

Traveled to the middle of your storm.

But maybe I’ve gone too far with this love.

Can’t you meet me here?

Won’t you run on ahead?

Because it would cost me too much to turn back around.

It would cost me all that I am.

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