A Shadow Lover

I don’t turn around and twirl for you when you’re like this.
Upset with the circumstance of you
Never willing to take less.
You whisper your praises under your breath.
And maybe that’s just the workings of a man.
Joining back to spirit, being seen.
The risk of it, they may never know,
No, it’s not taking the burden that constitutes your lack because you could never take less control, authority, let alone more humiliation and more dehumanization.
And that’s why I pick up my feet when I walk,
Because through the impetuous caring and nurturing of others, is the crawling of your skin to think you may be in the presence of lack.
And when I ignore you, when you can’t get into my head, it’s the man who always runs.
You fear the presence of lack, is you…
And again, you fail the spirit in your dance with ego, an ego so big, you’ve left my warm peace offering to cool and morph into a flavor more suitable to your tasteless appetites.
Cowardly exits and remedial apologies don’t inflate your casting shadow,
they just block out the light.
You shouldn’t feed what’s overfed; it will always overshadow.


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