Authors’ Pick

“Join me as I dive into four of the most intimate stories I feel I have written from each collection: Love, Self, Remembering, and Poetry. These four stages are my life’s posture and what the evolution of myself has been transformed into, kinship, empowerment, trauma relief, and sharing it all with you. Enjoy my favorites.”

4 Between Your World & Mine

“The irony of this particular piece making the top four list of all my writing is its occurrence during one of the hardest seasons of my life. I think what makes me so proud of this work is the artistry. This story makes me feel like an artist. An artist to me is someone who can make anything beautiful. The downfall of this disillusioned version of myself was my ability to transform the most toxic kind of love into a fairytale. This story is ultimately about discovering yourself through a relationship with someone from a completely different reality. It’s about making sense of what it means to be in love with a stranger and connecting the dots to the parts of yourself you’re still estranged to. It’s about being eighteen, picking the biggest stereotype I could find, and hoping the life that would come along with this man would do all the self-creating I didn’t yet know how to do.”

3 Birth of a Sacred Woman

“I have never considered myself to be a poet. That all changed with the conception of this poem. I performed BSW in Santa Monica, at the rear of a bookstore nearly amongst the inventory, with only four people in attendance (one of which I came with) on a portable microphone. I hope every story I tell gets to be as intimate as the recital I gave that night. I mean, what a way to tell a story and what a story to reveal. This is the story of the deaths I’ve had to die to regain myself. The loss of innocence after being molested. The death of beauty after adopting promiscuity. The final release of every label thrown my way through it all. This story is about clearing the sky and birthing my own narrative.”

2 The Legacy on Diamond Head Drive

“I think I can confidently say I am proud of this baby, and personally, what a baby I felt like going through the labor of love it’s taken to produce such work. I don’t often demand anything from myself, I prefer to let it flow, but gosh it felt like my soul was demanding I bring this to life—a story about a daughter stepping into her womanhood and out from the spotlight of her mother. It was a tough journey because it was from the exact vantage point of where I stood. Old enough to conceive of my dreams but still naive enough to fear failure. Growing your intuition happens deep in the forests of your fears, and I wanted nothing more than to bring my mother with me to guide our way and show me how it was supposed to be done. It’s a story about natural evolution, the passing of an invisible ancestral baton, and complete surrendering of oneself to the process, ready or not.”

1 Fermenting

“The evolution of my craft has consisted of convincing myself I have a gift of writing over the voice that is telling me that all of my collections are melodramatic memoirs. When that voice is loud, and I need to feel like an authenticated writer, I will settle down for a light read of ‘Fermenting.’ This story is a conversation taking place within a relationship between my ego and super-ego, or better put, Richard and I. Our setting takes place at a dinner party I just can’t be bothered to be at. Truthfully speaking, this is my preferred way of living, unbothered. It’s about the webbing of stories your ego tells, and later down the line, when everyone has left, super-ego saves the day and makes sense of it all. My concept of Richard is my first hand at constructing a character “other than” myself. As he has made strides throughout my stories, he has revealed himself to be the version of myself that thinks it knows best. In this story, I am the beautiful mess, and perhaps it’s a celebration of myself, of not having it all together.”